Adéu a Berlín


Josep Costa has adapted this play which was Joe Masteroff and John Kander’s inspiration to create the famous musical Cabaret. The play uses its songs taking the characters that were immortalized in cinema by Liza Minelli and Joel Grey. “I am a camera with an open shutter. Passive, thorough, unable to think. I take pictures of the man who shaves in the front window and the woman in a kimono who washes her hair. Someday I’ll have to develop them, reflect them carefully on paper… There was a ringmaster in a city called Berlin, in a country called Germany. It was the end of the world. And I was dancing with Sally Bowles. And we were all asleep…”


Release Date: 20/12/2001
Site: Teatre Artenbrut de Barcelona

Title: Adéu a Berlín
Direction: Josep Costa
Musical Direction: Xavier Torras
Libreto: Josep Costa
(Based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood)
Music: John Kander, Fred Ebb
Adaptation of lyrics::
Daniel Anglès i David Pintó (El Musical Més Petit)
Choreography: Aixa Guerra
Lighting: David Lloris
Costumes: María Araujo
Production: Artenbrut, Wai Entertainment


Àngel Amazares
Adrià González
Aixa Guerra
Roger Julià
Ivan Labanda
Lucía Leiva
Mireia Llunell
Jaume Morató
Mireia Portas
Laura Sancho
Xavier Torras


Rubén Berengena
Roger Mas
Nuno Torres


Teatre BCN Awards 2002:
· Winner of Best Alternative Show

Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia 2002:
· Nominated for Best Musical Play


“A highly recommended show.”

“The ability of this play to convey emotions is its first value. In this case, with rigor and professionalism.”

“A strong and dynamic performance full of magnetism and sensuality. Done with freshness, expressive and fun.”

“Adéu a Berlin” is a happy play. A Christmas candy which will satisfy those who saw the film.”

“Ten enthusiastic singers-actors, three musicians, ten wooden stools and some coloured bulbs actually manage to make a theatrical version of Cabaret.”

Molt Soroll x Shakespeare
Carrer Hospital amb Sant Jeroni