Molt Soroll x Shakespeare


Halfway between opera-rock and classical musical, Molt Soroll x Shakespeare places a 17-year-old William Shakespeare in any given high school, subject to the small daily conflicts that any teenager faces today. In class there will be jealousy, rivalry, love and all the latent passions of the Shakespearean play, together with rigorous songs performed live by a rock band. Molt Soroll X Shakespeare is an innovative and attractive project.


Release Date: 01/02/2002
Site: Teatre Regina de Barcelona

Title: Molt Soroll x Shakespeare
Direction: Daniel Anglès
Assistant Direction: Ivan Labanda
Musical Direction: Sergi Cuenca
Libreto: Daniel Anglès, David Pintól, Marina Llansana
Music: Xavier Torras
Production: El Musical Més Petit, DeGira


Susanna Domènech
Patrícia Paisal
Eduard Soto
Xavier Torras
Mercè Vidal


Javier Alejandro
Carles Casanova
Sergi Cuenca
Quile Estevez
Juan Manuel Nieto


“The play has all the ingredients to attract the public … a successful musical part well played by all the artists.”


“This playa tastes like Adéu a Berlín, a great success. Five performers and musicians who are the key to another great success.”


El Público
Adéu a Berlín