Multidisciplinary artist. He works primarily as an actor, announcer, writer and director in the audiovisual and scenic field.

He began his career when he was 12 years and he has combined his professional experience with constant learning since then.

He has appeared in TV shows, movies and programmes with leading roles.
It is important to highlight his recent incorporation as an actor in the programmes APM? (Ondas Award), the transmedia series Em Dic Manel, Polònia (Ondas Award and Television Academy National Award) and Crackòvia, all unquestionable in prime time audience leaders in Catalonia.

He has also appeared in TV series like KMM Kubala, Moreno, Manchón, Laberint d’Ombres, Pets’n’Pets, El Retaule del Flautista, Psico-Express, Jet Lag or Porca Misèria (Ondas Award among other international awards).

He has presented the programme Leonart (TVE and TVE Internacional), participating in it also as a writer (Zapping National Award for its innovative format and content).
Apart from appearing in films like Psicomagia, directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Las Manos del Pianista (Sergio G. Sánchez) and Fuerte Apache (Jaume Mateu), he has also worked in cinema with Peter Greenaway and Paco Mir.

Ivan has worked in adverstising with several filmmakers including Isabel Coixet.

He has participated as an actor and a regular contributor in a space called Els Minoristes in the radio magazine El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio, hosted by Mònica Terribas (Catalunya Ràdio), and he temporarily participated in the summer version of Versió RAC 1 (RAC 1).

His voice is demanded by numerous advertising campaigns and he works in the dubbing of films and series in starring roles.

He has dubbed more than 350 films released in cinemas in both Spanish and Catalan.

Amongst his most recent film dubbing work we must highlight: Yesterday, El Regreso de Mary Poppins, Tres Anuncios en las Afueras, El Gran Showman, El Secreto de Marrowbone, Trolls, Un Monstruo Viene a Verme, Geostorm, Mad Max, Frozen, Tintín, Smallfoot
And the sagas: Thor, Vengadores, The Amazing Spider-Man, Divergente, 007, Men in Black, Los Juegos del Hambre, Paddington, Indiana Jones, Hotel Transylvania, Llúvia de Albondigas, Creed, La Lego Película
He as appeared as a singer in some of the main songs of the films: El Regreso de Mary Poppins,Trolls, Frozen, Río, El Libro de la Vida, Smallfoot, among others.

He regularly dubs actors like Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chris Hemsworth, Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Josh Hutcherson, Jim Sturgess, Emile Hirsch, Lukas Haas, Jamie Campbell Bower, Ben Whishaw, Justin Timberlake, Diego Luna and Paul Dano, among ohters.

In theatre he has won three Butaca Award for the Best Actor in a Musical and Theater Barcelona Award in the same category. He has worked in more than 50 shows with prestigious world class directors and playwrights like Sergi Belbel and Tamzin Townsend at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya; Xavier Albertí at Teatre Lliure; Glenn Casale, Gustavo Tambascio and Joan Font (Comediants) at the Gran Teatre del Liceu; Joan Lluís Bozzo (Dagoll Dagom), Àngel Llàcer, Pau Miró, Abel Folk, Paco Mir (Tricicle), Joel Joan, Jordi Prat i Coll, Lluís Homar, Josep Costa, Elisenda Roca, Lurdes Barba, Mikel Fernández, Gerardo González, T de Teatre, Sergi Schaff, Daniel Anglès (El Musical Més Petit), Sílvia Sanfeliu, Ignasi Tomàs, Esteve Rovira, Ricard Reguant, José A. Gutiérrez, Jaime Azpilicueta and Fede Barrios, among others.

He had his debut as a stage director in 2010 with the show Fashion. Feeling. Music. with his own adaptation, which was acclaimed by critics and the audience. After that, he has directed the shows Quiero Jugar a un Juego at the theatre Club Capitol and Solar Buit at the theatre Sala Beckett of Barcelona.

He has recently starred in La Cage aux Folles, with Àngel Llàcer. Soon at the Rialto Theater in Madrid.