Carrer Hospital amb Sant Jeroni


The play is set in the centre of Barcelona, ​​in the Raval district. Machines are destroying blocks to build a new avenue. In this destroyed place there twelve people whose paths keep crossing and we will discover their desire of being loved. In a sunset we will see people who might be like us, lost by feelings. People who talk about sex, people who practice it, people who want to practice it, others who do not want to… but who desperately look for love.


Release Date: 2001
Site: Teatre Malic de Barcelona

Title: Carrer Hospital amb Sant Jeroni
Direction: Jordi Prat i Coll
Text: Jordi Prat i Coll
Production: Pas29

Festivals: Sitges Teatre Internacional 2001


Muntsa Alcañiz
Nadala Batiste
Rosa Cadafalch
Nacho Fresneda
Óscar Intente
Àurea Màrquez
Joan Massotkleiner
Ivan Labanda
Mercè Martínez
Montse Morillo
Pilar Pla
Oriol Vila


XXXVI Premi de Teatre Josep Ametller

Adéu a Berlín
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