Bohemian Rhapsody in Polònia

A summary of the 28A elections in Spain

BSO of “El Retorno de Mary Poppins”

List of songs from the movie “The Return of Mary Poppins” where Ivan Labanda doubles the actor Lin-Manuel Miranda (Jack).

Ivan Labanda Showreel

Showreel where you can see Ivan Labanda’s work from the beginning in less than five minutes.

Doblaje | Short Dubbing | 2017

A review of the films dubbed by Ivan Labanda until 2017.

Photoreel Ivan Labanda

Photographs video made in 2009.

APM? La Televisió és cultura?

Interview prepared by the TV programme Alguna Pregunta Més? from TV3.

The digital profile of Ivan Labanda

Interview for the programme Generació Digital by TV3, a program dedicated to technology, leisure and culture as well as issues related to social networks or television.

Polònia | New Season

Presentation musical of the new season of Polònia (TV3 channel), where I sang Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams. It was also the first gag of the program’s history recorded in high definition.

Homo encasellat | Vlog 01 – El Tendències

First video for the TV3 transmedia series Em dic Manel.

Piqué en el Cómic Show de Crackòvia

Àngel Llàcer impression interviewing Gerard Piqué for the TV3 humour programme Crackòvia.

El Rubius in Crackòvia

Impression of the famous Youtuber Rubius for the TV3 humour programme Crackòvia.

Luis Enrique calls Tata

Impression of FB Barcelona coach Luis Enrique calling Tata Martino in the TV programme Crackòvia.

Junqueras in Polònia

Oriol Junqueras (ERC) impression for the TV3 political satire programme Polònia.

Iceta’s material in Polònia

Miquel Iceta impression in the TV3 political satire programme Polònia.