It’s 1789. French people are starving and punished by an authoritarian and unjust nobility. French citizens are upset with this situation and begin to raise a need for change.
Our story focuses on the lives of two twin brothers separated since childhood: René and Louis.
René is a very talented man who has a cheek and lives in a theatre of Comedia de’ll Arte and he is Camila’s lover, a young and extremely beautiful and sensual actress. On the other hand, there is Louis, who is responsible for the library of the palace and is in love with Olympia (the Marquis’s fiancée).The Marquis is the most authoritarian person who oppresses the people.
The characters travel to Paris, where they are to find their fate – Olympia will marry the Marquis in Versailles, the travelling theatre company will present their show at the Italian Theatre and people will get their freedom, equality and fraternity when they take the Bastille.
In this context of riot and changes, Scaramouche, a masked hero, will become the ombudsman and he will write revolutionary pamphlets and will give everyone hope by facing aristocracy.


Release Date: 29/09/2016
Site: Teatre Victòria de Barcelona

Title: Scaramouche
Direction: Joan Lluís Bozzo
Assistant Direction: David Pintó
Musical Direction: Joan Vives
Lyrics: Joan Lluís Bozzo, David Pintó, Joan Vives
Music: Albert Guinovart
Choreograph: Francesc Abós
Master of Weapons: Jesús Esperanza
Costumes: Montse Amenós
Set Design: Alfons Flores
Lighting: Albert Faura
Production: Dagoll Dagom


Toni Viñals
Ana San Martín
Mireia Mambo
Ivan Labanda
Jordi Coromina
Clara Moraleda
Albert Mora
Frank Capdet
Pitu Manubens
Anna Alborch
Josep Ferrer
Jan Forrellat
Eduard Mauri
Lucía Torres
Cristina Murillo
Mireia Dolç
Neus Pàmies
Marcel Clement


Premis de la Crítica 2016:
· Best Musical
· Best Costumes

Premios Teatro Musical 2017
11 Nominations:
· Best Musical
· Best Main Actor: Ivan Labanda
· Best Main Actress: Ana San Martín
· Best Supporting Actor: Albert Mora
· Best Supporting Actress: Clara Moraleda
· Best Scene Director: Joan Lluís Bozzo
· Best Musical Director : Joan Vives
· Best Choreography: Francesc Abós
· Best Set Design: Alfons Flores
· Best Lighting: Albert Faura
· Best Sound: Roc Mateu
· Best Makeup and Hairdressing: Eva Fernández

Premis Butaca 2017
· Best Musical: Scaramouche
· Best Musical Actor: Ivan Labanda
· Best Musical Actress: Ana San Martín
· Best Musical Composer: Albert Guinovart
· Best Costume: Montse Amenós
· Best Makeup: Eva Fernández


“Ivan Labanda is one of the big winners of Scaramouche cast. He provides a great performance of the malicious and perfidious Marquis with a caustic sense of humour. The role – which reminds us of a wicked Disney character – is a gift, but there are no gifts in theatre unless an actor is able to make the most of it. And Labanda does it.”

“Ivan Labanda is the great revelation of the show. Not that we didn’t know what this actor was capable of, but his character – the only one which does not have a number to really shine – is the one who really takes all the leadership of the show. Seeing Labanda in this role it is impossible not to imagine him as King Jorsh III if Hamilton – the musical that has revolutionized New York – ever got to be performed in our country.”


“I did not know what this actor was capable of. In Scaramouche he is an evil Marquis which looks nicer in his skin. A singer who is as good as the rest of the voice. An actor with comicalness full of nuances and possibilities. A gift for the audience.”


“Ivan Labanda reigns as a Marquis in the field of humour with accurate attitude and gestures of comic efficiency.”


“An excellent leading quartet. Toni Viñals is Scaramouche and his replica (and what a replica) is given by Ivan Labanda as the perfidious marquis, whom we see less bad than he is thanks to the actor’s proven versatility.”


“…obviously praise the focus given to the Marquis thanks to Ivan Labanda, who lights up the stage every time he appears on it and attracts the audience’s attention because they don’t want to miss this perfect combination of comicalness, cleverness, sadism and indifference.”


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