Requiem For Evita


Nowadays there are those who believe in Messi, Miley Cyrus or George R.R.Martin, but in this show-concert, Eva Perón is idolized. The protagonists of the work see in the Argentine actress and politics the ideal figure to purge their nimes. And just as every good Christian recites the Our Father, they sing the Don’t cry for me Argentina. Why only seek in that intangible a reason for being. And they are clear: Requiem aeternum donna Evita.
Musical theater to humorously feed an idolatry that may not be so far removed from the Argentine reality.


Release Date: 09/05/2019
Site: La Seca Espai Brossa

Title: Requiem for Evita
Direction: Jordi Prat i Coll
Musical Direction: Andreu Gallén
Lyrics: David Pintó
Choreography: Aixa Guerra
Production: La Companyia Local, Temporada Alta


Jordi Vidal
Ivan Labanda
Andreu Gallén
Anna Moliner


Premi BBVA de Teatre 2017
· Finalist production

Premis Teatre Barcelona 2018
· Best Musical Show
· Best Actress: Anna Moliner


“A nice pretext for Ivan Labanda, Jordi Vidal and Andreu Gallén to have a great time. A fun and grateful show for the public that awaits a remarkable career.”

“Run to the theater to see this show. Please. You don’t discover a little stage gem every day.”

“One of the essential montages of the season.”

“This show is a delight for lovers of musicals. But also its successful humor, wonderful performances and excellent development of the idea make it a pearl to be taken into account for everyone, whether or not they know the fascinating character of Eva Peron.

“A show that gives you goosebumps and with which I have laughed like I haven’t done in a theater for a long time.”

“A surprising great musical and vocal quality in which it goes without saying that Ivan Labanda embroiders the role of Evita with his unbeatable voice and his perfect and funny interpretation of the character of Eva Perón. Don’t miss it for the world.”

“To say it’s funny is an understatement. To say the voices are amazing is an understatement. This show will give you goosebumps. Godsend.”

“The key piece of this “Requiem For Evita” is its cast. Ivan Labanda, Anna Moliner and Jordi Vidal, accompanied on live piano by Andreu Gallén, have talent, skill and a great ability to connect with the public at all levels. The “Don’t cry for my Argentina” by Labanda is an anthology”.

“Requiem For Evita is one of the works that has given me the best experience in recent months, one of those comedies that come on their own and that, as soon as they finish, you realize that they are much more than the sum of their parts. A round show, well acted, well written and hilarious”.


“The show features great performances by Ivan Labanda, Jordi Vidal and Andreu Gallén. All three are fantastic in their roles. We highlight the vocal quality at the time of singing and interpreting all the songs. A fantastic show that you really want to go see “.