El Petit Príncep


“But if all these excuses were not enough, I want to dedicate my book to the child this great person once was. All great people have been children before, but very few remember that.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The musical about The Little Prince was a challenge. It is one of the most beloved and spread stories around the world. It has been adapted to cinema, theatre, radio, opera… It can be read as a cruel narrative that shows the dark side of human beings or as a love story. But it actually is a child’s journey to try to understand all these feelings. Nothing is missing in the show: the desert, walking on the grass, flying, visiting the planets… with a melody that accompanies us through all these feelings the same way the Little Prince feels them. It is a story that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote after a plane crash in the Sahara where -after spending four days facing death- a bedouin who passed by saved the injured airmen’s lives. The narrator of El Petit Príncep gets lost, like its author in the Sahara. And so begins this story in which a child asks him to draw a sheep. And then, day after day, he keeps telling the lost airman stories. Gradually, Antoine de Saint Exupéry reveals the secrets of friendship, love, responsibility and sense of life. Àngel Llàcer says: “I want to be like the Little Prince -someone who always tells the truth, who does not hide behind a mask and who lets things constantly surprise him, who does not want to stop learning.”

When we grow up and become adults, we should never stop being children.


Release Date: 12/12/2014
Site: Teatre Barts de Barcelona

This show was revived in 2015 and 2016 after a tour around Catalonia.

Title: El Petit Príncep
Direction: Àngel Llàcer
Musical Direction and Arrangements: Manu Guix
Original Music and Lyrics: Manu Guix, Àngel Llàcer
Choreography: Xavi Duch
Set Design: Desilence Studio, Jordi Queralt
Lighting: Albert Faura
Production: Àngel Llàcer, Manu Guix, La Perla 29


Àngel Llàcer
Ivan Labanda
Elena Gadel
Xavi Duch
Josep Palau
Marc Pociello
Cisco Cruz
El Petit Príncep

In collaboration with:
Guillem Martí
Júlia Bonjoch


Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia:
· Best Family Play
· Best Actor in a Musical for: Guillem Martí
· Best Actress in a Musical for: Elena Gadel

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