Scott Alan: Barcelona & friends


In October 2007 an unknown American composer edited the album Dreaming Wide Awake with his own songs recorded by great voices of Broadway. It was Alan Scott, a 29-year-old who knew how to take advantage of the social networking boom to let his melodic, honest and sincere songs reach the audience by claiming the popularity of their interpreters. Scott Alan’s concerts always gather the most renowned artists of musical theatre in every city he performs: New York, Broadway, Germany, Japan… In May, Allan debuted in Barcelona to present live songs that have moved all lovers of musical theatre.


Release Date: 11/05/2015
Site: L’Auditori de Barcelona

Title: Scott Alan: Barcelona & Friends
Direction: Daniel Anglès
Musical Direction: Miquel Tejada
Music and Original Lyrics: Scott Alan
Production: L’Auditori de Barcelona


Scott Alan
Daniel Anglès
Ivan Labanda
Víctor Arbelo
Mariona Castillo
Eva María Cortés
Momo Cortés
Miquel Fernández
Ferran González
Julia Jové
Mireia Mambo
Mercè Martínez
Elena Medina
Júlia Möller
Sara Pi
Marta Ribera
Gara Roda
Carlos Solano
Joan Vázquez
Madalena Alberto

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