Polònia, El Musical


Jordi Galceran (author of The Grönholm Method) and the writing team of the successful programme Polònia from TV3 have combined in Polònia, el musical the political satire of the television show with theatre and vaudeville.
The action takes us to the decisive moment when Artur Mas and the pro-referendum political leaders try to reach an agreement on the political future of the country. The summit held in a hotel has to face many difficulties. Rajoy and Esperanza Aguirre are willing to do anything to make it fail.
According to Toni Soler, Polònia is a mirror that deforms a caricature but has been a more accurate portrait of what might seem a crucial period in the history of our country.


Release Date: 07/11/2014
Site: Teatre Atrium de Viladecans

Title: Polònia, El Musical
Direction: Xavier Ricart
Musical Direction: Xasqui Ten, Toni Ten
Libreto: Jordi Galcerán, Jaume Buixó,
Júlia Cot, Pau Escribano, Toni Solé and Joan Rufas.
Music: VV.AA
Choreography: Beàlia Guerra
Set Design: Jordi Queralt
Lighting: Jaume Ventura
Costumes: Maria Armengol
Sound: Ramón Ciercoles
Characterization: Helena Fenoy, Marta Ferrer
Production: Minoria Absoluta


Bruno Oro
Ivan Labanda
Queco Novell
Agnès Busquets
Mireia Portas
Xavi Serrano
Anna Bertrán
David Olivares


“The plot is ingenious and full of hilarious situations, that make this “political” framework, a funny comedy of entrances and exits of doors and cabinets, with a rhythm that goes in crescendo, until like a snowball that has rolled on the mountainside for two hours, there is no one to stop her. “

“For obvious reasons, the multifaceted takes the cake Bruno Oro (Mas i Mas …) and the spectacular Ivan Labanda (Junqueras, Iceta).”

El Petit Príncep
Nit de musicals: Albert Guinovart