40 El Musical


This musical written by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo (director of successful films like Azul Oscuro Casi Negro, Primos, La Gran Familia Española) talks about a group of twenty-year-olds forced to confront their lives and troubles and assume that they are no longer teenagers and they have to choose their way. The leading character of the musical starts a radioblog on the internet which is dedicated to airing the intimacies of his friends. With the power granted by the mix of music and radio to modulate and increase emotions, he tries to help them make decisions on their path to maturity but he eventually ends up creating more chaos and confusion.
In 40 El Musical there is a radio programme but it is not a musical about the radio. It is a romantic comedy which combines dramatic touches where friendship, loyalty, love, emotion and mainly humour are combined with music.
The soundtrack is performed live and includes nearly 100 songs (complete or fragments) chosen from among the greatest successes of the Spanish and international music.
40 El Musical is the musical of music. From the moment the doors open before each performance, there will be a DJ playing the greatest hits looking forward to the party that will take place in each performance.


Release Date: 09/09/2010
Site: Teatre Victòria de Barcelona

This show was on tour throughout Spain.

Title: 40 el Musical
Direction: Mikel Fernández, Gerardo González
Musical Direction: Denis Bilanin
Libreto: Daniel Sánchez Arévalo
Lyrics and Music: V.V.A.A.
Set Design: Ana Garay
Costumes: Gabriela Salaberri
Choreography: Noemí Cabrera, Federico Barrios
Lighting: Carlos Torrijos
Production: Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar, Gran Vía Musical


Naím Thomas
Carlos J. Benito
Gerardo González
Xavier Duch
Ivan Labanda
Jaime Zataraín
Angy Fernández
Rodrigo Poison
Mayte Gete
Marta Capel
Mónica Macfer
Eva María Cortés
Itxaso Quintana
Xavier Navarro
Tania García
Cristina Rueda

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