Flor De Nit


Almost twenty years ago, the company Dagoll Dagom wanted to give a twist and revisit the Barcelona from 1929. Accompanied by the wise Vázquez Montalbán, they penetrated in that time explaining the history of the city through the metaphor of a girl who is forced to live between two worlds -the day of the exalted Barcelona (first by the prosperity of 1929 and then by the different movements of World War II in 1936) and the restless night of Barcelona (the Cabaret where she ends up working, Flor de Nit). She is forced to live with two men representing the left (Quimet, performed by Ivan Labanda, a revolutionary) and the right (Reynals, a journalist who frequents the upper class). Flor de Nit is one of the best musicals of musical theatre in Catalonia and it is still appreciated today.


Release Date: 07/02/2011
Site: Teatre Condal de Barcelona

Title: Flor de Nit
Direction: David Pintó
Musical Direction: Xavier Torras
Libreto: Manuel Sánchez Montalbán
Lyrics and Music: Albert Guinovart, Joan Lluís Bozzo
Costumes: María Araujo
Lighting: Albert Faura
Production: TeatralNet


Sergi Albert
Laura Aubert
Anna Alborch
Vicenç Arranz
Esther Bartomeu
Lloll Bertran
Frank Capdet
Xavi Casan
Mariona Castillo
Miquel Cobos
Carme Contreras
Joan Crosas
Mireia Dolç
Meritxell Duró
Joana Estebanell
Gracia Fernández
Alícia Ferrer
Xavier Fernández
Elena Gadel
José Pedro García Balada

Oriol Genís
Josep Maria Gimeno
Ivan Labanda
Àngel Llàcer
Jordi Llordella
Nacho Malús
Laura Mejía
Julia Möller
Joan Olivé
Patricia Paisal
Alicia Pérez-Cabrero
Laia Piró
Marc Pujol
Marc Sambola
Maria Santallusia
Eduard Tenas
La Terremoto de Alcorcón
Annabel Totusaus
Jordi Vidal
Marc Vilavella
Toni Viñals
Marcel·lí Virgili

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