Fashion. Feeling. Music.


This Fashion. Feeling. Music. is a contemporary show revised since its premiere in 1999, in which fashion, feelings and music interact, merge and feed back to recreate a dissection of current human behavior. Set in the main part of a fashion show as an excuse, and using fashion as attitude (impudent, capricious, tyrannical). Fashion. Feeling. Music. exposes with humour and unapologetic crudity how the characters of our stories (our models) get undressed to show part of everything we think, see, feel, hide and hear. We want to create a show that is like methacrylate. Transparent. Simple. But when light passes through one of its contours, suddenly everything has a color, everything changes and may even become something decorative, winning or losing all its value. Creating its shadows, its translucent figures, its silhouettes… We want to create a clear and direct show. An entertainment that frees us from inhibitions, let us be more capable of laughing at ourselves and our environment -which seems to be getting more and more devious, cartoonish. Reality surpasses increasingly (and perhaps much to our regret) any kind of fiction.


Release Date: 27/05/2010
Site: Teatre Muntaner de Barcelona

Title: Fashion. Feeling. Music.
Adaptation and Direction:: Ivan Labanda
Original text: Lluís Hansen, Josep María Mestres
Contributions to the Text:: Ivan Labanda
Music: V.V.A.A.
Set Design: Mònica Gálvez
Costumes: Ariadna Pons
Illustration: Jordi Labanda
Grafic Design: Ivan Labanda
Lighting: Ganecha Gil
Production: Companyia Narinanti


Marc Barbena
Adriana Feito
Àlex Sitjà
Roger Cantos
Marina Mulet
David Maqueda
Brisa Ronda


“Ivan Labanda plays his cards in the best and most intelligent way.”

“Very well served and a more than praiseworthy bill in its content and shape.”

“With this distorted and teasing version of the show, Ivan Labanda had no problems in making use of the gag.”

“This show is a great way to start the summer, a good way to have a drink with a smile.”


“Ivan Labanda makes his debut as a director with a ‘parade of emotions’ in an honest, humble and transgressor show.”


“With this show, Ivan Labanda nails his ironic view of today’s society.”


“A young company that transmits good vibrations with a good dose of enthusiasm, dedication and conviction. A very stimulating cast.”

“In Ivan Labanda’s direction and dramaturgy we can find very good parodies in some parts of the show, which maintains the freshness and transgression of the original text.”


“Ivan Labanda portrays issues such as the dictatorship of the image, drugs or sex in a modern spectacle with humour and irony.”


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