Viatge A La Lluna


Viatge a la lluna premiered in 1966, a piece with music by the composer Xavier Montsalvatge and lyrics by Josep Maria Espinàs. The musical adventure of a group of children who are building a rocket that has to take them to the moon is still alive thanks to Albert Guinovart and Pau Miró. The composer and the playwright have imagined a continuation of this space odyssey: the children have finally reached the moon and get ready to discover all the secrets of the satellite.
This reinterpretation of Viatge a la lluna, held on the occasion of the centenary of Xavier Montsalvatge’s birth, is the meeting of four artists from two different generations. The result is a magnificent show that combines music, theatre and animation with two actors and fourteen Murtra Ensemble musicians on stage. They open the doors of a planet full of textures, flavours and landscapes that stir the imagination of young and old.


Release Date: 15/12/12
Site: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Title: Viatge a la Lluna
Script and Direction: Pau Miró
Musical Direction: Murtra Ensemble
Libreto: Josep Mª Espinàs, Pau Miró
Music: Albert Guinovart, Xavier Montsalvatge
Set Design and Costumes: Sílvia Delangeau
Lighting: Maria Pons, Marco Rubio
Production: Murtra Ensemble, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Temporada Alta, Fundació Jaume Casademont, Ajuntament de Bescanó.


Ivan Labanda
Xènia Reguant


Núria Andorrà
Bernat Bofarull
Xavier Castillo
Berta García
Cristina Granero
Jordi Guasp
Cristina Membrive
Enric Monfort
Dolores Nycz
Joan Orpella
Daniel Ortuño
Alba Pujals
Mireia Quintana
Pau Roca
Enric Camarassa
Alejandro Ortuño
Miquel Vich


Awards Quim Masó 2011:
· Winner of the Primer Acte


“A dynamic and colourful staging.”

“The musical production is of high quality.”


“A top team with fourteen musicians and the actors Ivan Labanda and Xènia Reguant.”

“A unique show.”

“A tale of feelings and emotions that catches everyone.”


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