Solar Buit


Dolors is a mysterious and elegant lady who survives in a rundown neighbourhood in the city.
Mr. Roig, wealthy and influential, visits her once a week and tries to convince her to abandon its precarious life before it is too late.
Angel -a young man who studies philosophy at the university of this new neighbourhood- starts a strange friendship with Dolors.
Urban speculation in recent years has left a desolate landscape, infested with drugs, prostitution and crime.
Dolors, Ángel and mister Roig will struggle to find affection, tenderness and understanding in an endangered world.


Release Date: 29/10/2012
Site: Sala Beckett de Barcelona

Title: Solar Buit
Direction: Ivan Labanda
Text: Jordi Ruiz Estañol
Music: VVAA
Set Design and Lighting: Ganecha Gil
Production: Sala Beckett


Nao Albet
Rafa Calvo
Ivan Labanda
Margarida Minguillón
Xavier De Llorens

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Guinovart 50