Over the Moon


Over the Moon is a show created from Jonathan Larson’s work. Five performers accompanied by a piano go deeply into the essence of this composer with songs that make us wonder who we are and what we want.
Over the Moon goes deeply into Larson’s sound universe of pop/rock and takes other known and performed shows like Rent and Tick, Tick Boom! We do it with five performers and a piano to capture only the essence, only what is genuine Larson, where we found the most sincere author who shares his secrets, his fears and insecurities, his dreams, his goals or ideology with the audience. Format is reviewed and songs are free of any kind of artifice which moves away from the speech.
In Over the Moon you will listen to another rent, another Tick Tick Boom! and another collection of Larson’s songs that will move us away from his plots and original characters to create a more personal image of the author through an intimate atmosphere between the audience and the interpreters.
The harsh reality we are living connects us with songs written almost twenty years ago but which seem to describe the current world. Larson’s untimely death shortly before releasing his first success gave these songs almost a prophetic title for everything that was about to happen in his life and everything that was about to happen in the world.


Release Date: 20/12/2012
Site: Almeria Teatre de Barcelona

Title: Over the Moon
Direction and Adaptation: : David Pintó
Musical Direction and Arrangements: : Xavier Torras
Original Music and Lyrics: Jonathan Larson
Lighting: Danuta Beleuchtung
Sound: : Nuño Torres
Design and Art Direction: : Ivan Labanda
Production: Promocions Teatrals DeGira S.L.


Víctor Estévez
Elena Gadel
Ivan Labanda
Patrícia Paisal
Xavier Torras (piano)


Broadway World Spain Awards:
3 Nominations:
· Best Original Musical
· Best Small-Format Musical
· Best Design


“Performers who transcend.”

“An imaginative and vital stage direction. A show with good scenic austerity focusing on the characters.” SCORING: ★★★★


“A burst of energy without concession.”

“Ivan Lavanda shines in one of his pieces because of the right moment of humour and its complexity.”

“A small piece that leaves no one indifferent.”


“A perfect fit that elevates the musical genre.”

“… Ivan Labanda is perfect.”


“You will rarely see actors/singers of this level that closely. They give the best of themselves with strength and drama.”

“A delicatessen.”


“Performances that complete some youth trajectories which become stage maturity.”

“Ivan Labanda is an almost an omnipresent actor wherever a voice might be needed.”


“All performers are exceptional.”

“An excellent tribute to Jonathan Larson.”


T’estimo, Ets Perfecte, Ja Et Canviaré
Viatge A La Lluna