T’estimo, Ets Perfecte, Ja Et Canviaré


It was one of the surprises of the 96-97 season in the Off Broadway. It premiered at the Westside Theatre on August 1, 1996, where it remained for 11 consecutive years and became one of the most appreciated plays by the public and by critics. The uninterrupted shows in the city with the best agenda in the world confirms the quality of this show.

I Love you, you’re perfect, now change later premiered in London, Tel Aviv, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

The play shows the intimacies of couples. It is a wide, ironic, funny, careless, fresh and tender vision of experiences that everyone has experienced at some point in their life: the first date, dating, marriage, having children, routine, midlife crisis or love in old age. It is an opportunity to revive, with humour, romantic relationships.


Release Date: 13/02/2013
Site: Teatro Goya Codorniu de Barcelona

Title: T’estimo, ets perfecte, ja et canviaré
Direction: Elisenda Roca
Musical Direction: Andreu Gallén
Music: Joe Di Pietro
Originals Lyrics: Jimmy Roberts
Choreography: Joan Maria Segura
Costumes: Mariel Soria
Lighting: Quico Gutiérrez
Production: Vania Produccions Teatrals


Ivan Labanda
Jordi Llordella
Mercè Martínez
Muntsa Rius


Andreu Gallén
Víctor Pérez


Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia:
· Best Musical Play

Broadway World Spain Awards:
· Nominated for Best Musical Play on Tour

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