Quiero Jugar a Un Juego


A serial murderer named Cubilete has kidnapped our leading character: David Moreno. While he was asleep under the influence of chloroform, Cubilete introduced an umbrella through his rectum to ensure that Moreno will play his macabre game.
Moreno wakes up in a theatre surrounded by people chosen at random who also participate in Cubilete’s game without being aware of it. Improvisation will play an important role between them because there are hidden objects in the audience that the murderer will claim. David will get into the skin of celebrities, politicians, singers and cartoons to try to please Cubilete and end this sinister game as soon as possible, because if he is not able to solve the puzzles and tests in an hour, the umbrella will open and his asshole will look like the Cadí tunnel.
The play has two alternative endings depending on Moreno and the audience’s lucidity to fulfil the objectives.
Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

A comedy show full of impressions, jokes, monologues, songs and improvisation which deal with the current situation with satire and makes a humble tribute to horror films.


Release Date: 07/06/2013
Site: Club Capitol de Barcelona

Title: Quiero Jugar a un Juego
Direction: Ivan Labanda
Original Script: Ivan Labanda, David Moreno
Music: VV.AA
Lyrics: David Moreno
Original Idea : Ivan Labanda, David Moreno
Set Design and Lighting: Víctor Ariño
Production: AlbaSound, David Moreno


David Moreno
Cristina Raya
Rubén Jiménez

Nit de musicals: Albert Guinovart
T’estimo, Ets Perfecte, Ja Et Canviaré