Guapos & Pobres


Guapos & Pobres is a musical that tells the story of 8 friends who have always been told that if they studied and made an effort, their life would be much better than their parents’. They just had to fight for their dreams and therefore feel fully realized. But reality is different. After preparing to enter the job market, they realize that all the promises they have fought for are useless and they might not even make it to the end of the month. The play is based on the book by Alfredo Ruiz and shows us the reality that this generation is experiencing.


Release Date: 14/05/2015
Site: Teatre Goya de Barcelona

Title: Guapos & Pobres
Direction: Toni Martín
Musical Direction: Xavier Torras
Libreto: Toni Martín, Xavier Torras, Alfredo Ruíz
Music: Xavier Torras
Set Design: Toni Martín
Lighting: Joan Cisa
Production: Hold On Company, Focus


Ivan Labanda
Elena Gadel
Mariona Castillo
Muntsa Rius
Frank Capdet
Xavi Duch
Jorge Velasco
Gracia Fernández


Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia:
· Ivan Labanda nominated for Best Actor in a Musical

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