The story takes place in the last years of the Weimar Republic, in a Berlin decadent and flogged by the crisis of 29. A city that continues to cling futilely to the illusion of those years of splendor that magnified it just a short time ago. Kit Kat Club, the nightclub of fiction, opens its doors every night to entertain an audience eager to forget, even if only for a couple of hours, the evil that hovered over their heads.

Ruled by its haunting and funny EmCee, Kit Kat Klub stages the coexistence between the unstoppable growth of the Nazi hydra and the feigned daily normality of the protagonists: the English singer Sally Bowles and the American novelist Cliff Bradshaw or the autumnal romance between Fräulain Schneider and the Jewish owner of a thriving greengrocer business, Herr Schultz.

With several of the most emblematic songs in the history of musicals: Willkommen, Cabaret, Money Money, Maybe this time … CABARET is the Broadway Musical that everyone should see once in their life.


Release Date: 04/10/2017
Site: Teatre Victòria de Barcelona

Title: Cabaret
Direction: Jaime Azpilicueta
Assistant Direction: Maximiliano Lavia
Musical Direction: Raul Patiño
Resident Director and Choreograph: Federico Barrios
Assistant Resident Director: David Pintó
Assistant Choreograph: José Félix Romero
Costumes: Antonio Belart
Set Design: Ricardo Sánchez Cuerda
Lighting: Juanjo Llorens
Production: 3xtr3s with the agreement Som Produce


Elena Gadel
Ivan Labanda
B.Mestre/Alejandro Tous
Amparo Saizar
Enrique Del Portal
Victor Díaz
Teresa Abarca
Anna Coll
José Carlos Campos
Miguel Ángel Collado
Gerard Mínguez
Alejandro Fernández
Xabi Nogales
Maite Fernández
Evangelina Esteves
Maite Fernández
Julia Pérez
Marina Martín
Maria Reina
Olga Moral


Theater Barcelona Award 2018
· Best Musical Actor: Ivan Labanda

Butaca Award 2018
· Best Musical Actor: Ivan Labanda
· Best Musical Actress: Elena Gadel
· The Best Musical


“The ‘Cabaret’ by Ivan Labanda: The actor is the great winner of the careful production of the Teatre Victòria. If someone provokes the blazing flash of this function is Labanda, become a sweeping Master of Ceremonies. The polyvalence of this actor climbs another step and has already become a winning letter for high-flying musicals. He excelled in ‘Scaramouche’ with his familiar comic vise and now he does it with an uncontrollable force and gesture. Always overflowing, it seems to be two steps ahead of the rest. ”

“An excellent job.”

“Ivan Labanda had us eating from his hand from the first minute as Emcee, or what is the same, Master of Ceremonies of that cheeky Kit Kat Klub, with a gift for” overaction at his right point “that even stole a laughter that made a knot in your stomach. “


“The ambiguous, amoral and brilliant Master of Ceremonies of Ivan Labanda: Dream role made reality. He really eats the stage giving life to a complex and versatile character that seems to have been written for him. “

“A more than correct approach to the classic of the musical with a magnetic Ivan Labanda.”
“A good entertainment in which the energy of Ivan Labanda excels.”

“This production of” Cabaret “is excellent for the musical pieces that allow such special moments as engaged in the solo performances of the two most emblematic characters of the work: Sally Bowles and the Master of Ceremonies. The responsibility for the weight of this duet that still holds today rests with Elena Gadel … and this authentic Master of all kinds of ceremonies, transvestism, characterization and multiplicity of theatrical and television records (it is one of the souls of the ” Polònia “of TV3) that coincide in the scenic qualities of Ivan Labanda.”

“Elena Gadel and Ivan Labanda are superb.”

“Although it is a choral work, in this” Cabaret “it can not be denied that the king of the night is Ivan Labanda in the role of Master of Ceremonies of Kit Kat Klub. Voice, movement, interpretation and sense of humor make it an unforgettable Emcee. Their interventions are expected, seconded with laughter and applauded by the public. And her most dramatic intervention confirms her successful choice in the cast … The final scene is of great emotional impact, and as Emcee’s latest musical theme leaves the show in top form. ”

“Cabaret stands as one of the most important musicals that the city has been programmed in recent years.

“Willkommen again, with a great Ivan Labanda. […] In this production, Ivan Labanda is the winner, with a spicy and lustful creation of the Master of Ceremonies “.


“The interpretation of Ivan Labanda leaves the spectator mute.”

“A great repertoire of actors and singers, among whom Ivan Labanda especially shines.”

“Ivan Labanda puts all the meat on the grill and offers a job, generous in energy and enduring only the weight of the whole scenic proposal.”

“Ivan Labanda (Master of Ceremonies) dominates the iconic character.”

“… Chapter apart deserves the character of Ivan Labanda in this careful musical setup. Superb and brilliant as Master of Ceremonies of the Kat Klub Kit, Labanda distills its interpretation almost to the ecstasy that is conquering the viewer. Ivan Labanda is talented as the Master of Ceremonies. “

“Magnificent interpretation and characterization of Ivan Labanda as Master of Ceremonies.”
“Attention: do not miss this Ivan Labanda ES-PEC-TA-CU-LAR. For my taste, his best role no doubt. “

“One of the great successes of this production is the performance of Ivan Labanda as Master of Ceremonies.”

“A magnificent Ivan Labanda.”

“A magnificent Ivan Labanda.” “A special effulgence of Labanda in the role of Master of Ceremonies was to be expected.”

“Arguments in favor of this have the best of them all, the brilliant performance of Labanda as the Master of Ceremonies of Kit Kat Klub, an acting work that consolidates the rising theatrical tenacity that has shown in his last interpretations.”

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