Què, El Nou Musical


Five young minors with cases brought to justice enter in a Values Awareness Programme while waiting for the judge’s final decision. The person in charge of the program is Josep, the mentor, who faces his first experience as head of this kind of group. The young combine social services with actions supervised by the mentor. Josep will soon realize that theory is far from practice and that the programme execution is really difficult: tensions and fights, physical and verbal abuse, lack of attention in group dynamics, mistrust of authority, lack of motivation… Josep does not give up and after a few failures he finds the solution: giving the power of self-management to young people. From this moment until the end, the young will choose the activities they want to carry out.
Què, el nou musical It’s a show that talks about second chances.


Release Date: 01/10/2008
Site: Teatre Coliseum de Barcelona

Title: Què, El Nou Musical
Direction: Àngel Llàcer
Musical Direction: Manu Guix
Libreto: Álex Mañas
Music: Manu Guix
Set Design: Lluc Castells
Costumes: Maribel Salvans
Lighting: Albert Faura
Production: La Projectora


Roger Berruezo
Mariona Castillo
Carla Gaya
Ivan Labanda
Marc Pociello
José Luís Cortés (Momo)
Xavier Navarro
Ona Pla


Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia:
· Nominated for Best Visual Play

Gran Vía Awards:
· Nominated for Best Musical Play


“An artistic project that meets its expectations.”

“The energy strongly hits the audience.”


“A convincing Ivan Labanda.”


“Performers do an excellent job and they are perfectly tuned to each other (…) They bring enthusiasm, energy and great musical and acting skills.”


“Ivan Labanda returns to the musical – one of his specialties – leading this project.”

“Ivan Labanda feels completely at home in the genre.”


“This show is a very well-studied product that teenagers will love.”

“The leading actor is Ivan Labanda, an actor who is getting better and better and is great in this show.”


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