Allegro Vivace


Looking for a place to have a rave with friends, a girl arrives at an abandoned theatre where he finds Vivace, a fantastic being that embodies the spirit of opera. Following the thread of love, either festive or tragic, both start a journey of discovery in the world of opera followed by the love adventures of some of the great characters of the opera: the innocence of Nemorino, the drama from Rigoletto and the shocking Carmen.

At the beginning, the girl and Vivace shared the passion for music but they loved it from different perspectives. At the end of the trip, both enriched, she will learn that neither life nor art began yesterday, and he will learn that you can’t go forward if you look back.

In music, the only really important thing is to love it. To love it, you need to understand it, and to understand it we have to approach it without fear or prejudices, without excluding anyone or anything. We can’t ask the young audience to listen to us if we do not listen to them. Joan Font understands this and enacts two characters representing two different musical worlds and who are vitally different for them to meet, exchange experiences, knowledge and passions and finally become more human, share beauty, wisdom, and incidentally infect us a little with it.


Release Date: 27/03/2009
Site: Auditori de Cornellà

Tile: Allegro Vivace
Direction: Joan Font
Assistant Direction: Emilià Carilla
Musical Direction: Stanislav Angelov
Libreto: Moises Maicas, Joan font, José Antonio Gutiérrez
Choreography: Monste Colomé
Music: VV.AA.
Lighting: Alberto Rodríguez
Production: Gran Teatre del Liceu


Ivan Labanda
Jordi Vidal
Queralt Albinyana
Marta Rossell
Alícia Ferrer
Elena Roche
Marta Rodrigo
Marta Valero
Francisco Javier Jiménez
Ricardo Torino
Xavier Fernández
Pablo López


Stanislav Angelov
Olga Kharitonina
Ester Vila

Cantània: Arion i el Dofí
Què, El Nou Musical