No Són Maneres de Matar Una Dona


No Són Maneres de Matar Una Dona is a fresh musical thriller with a fast pace, able to tell a story with lots of action combined with romantic songs and crazy musical numbers. With only four actors and five musicians onstage.
Following the leaders of black American cinema of the 40s, the play tells the story of a man who decides to become a serial murderer as a means to achieve fame. The neighbourhood of Manhattan will host and witness murder, persecution, fortuitous encounters, love, jealousy and children who do not know how to put up with their mothers…


Release Date: 19/03/2004
Site: Teatre Artenbrut de Barcelona

This show was revived a tour around Catalonia and Balears.

Title: No són maneres de matar una dona
Direction: Sílvia Sanfeliu
Musical Direction: Xavier Torras
Libreto: Douglas J. Cohen
(Based on the novel by William Goldman)
Music: Douglas J. Cohen
Set Design and Costumes: David Siegel
Choreography: Montse Colomé
Illustrations: Jordi Labanda
Graphic Art: Ivan Labanda
Production: EOS Producciones Teatrales, DeGira


Frank Capdet
Ivan Labanda
Mercè Martínez
Elvira Prado
Xavier Siles
(en algunas funciones)
Roser Batalla
(in some performances)
Jordi Vidal
(in some performances)


Xavier Torras
Ruben Berengena
Marc Camero
Enric Alegre
Ferran Oltra


Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia:
· Best Musical Play
· Best Main Actor in Musical (Ivan Labanda)

FAD Sebastià Gasch Award:
· Best Musical Play


“The musical is a success in many ways – the four actors’ performance was very convincing. They all have good voices and do a good job.”

“Mercè Martínez and Ivan Labanda stand out displaying a variety of registers.”

“A production that became the surprise of the season.”


“The best musical seen in Barcelona for a long time. A strong score and a clever and funny cynicism. A treasure from the Off-Broadway with four excellent performers.”

“Good performance by the leading actors. Their strength and devotion explain the success of the play.”


“A sensational effort with a very lively cast. Irresistibly macabre and impeccably resolved.”


“Ivan Labanda and his multiple registers stand out.”

“One of the big surprises of the billboard. After enjoying the critics and the audience’s support, it is demonstrated that with good and devoted actors you can do recommendable things.”


“The show feels short thanks to rigorous performance and music.”

“Ivan Labanda and Mercè Martínez (The actor-psychopath-quick-change artist and the actress of all mothers and all victims) shine in the performance of their multiple personalities. They enjoy it and let us enjoy it too.”


“Don’t miss No Són Maneres de Matar Una Dona. The play takes place in a bigger auditorium and it is well deserved.”

“It is a splendid Thriller Musical.”

“The show has very effective staging and performance. The actors show off their work. The four performers are a group and there is good chemistry between them and their characters, which the public really appreciates. ”

“One of the surprises of the billboard. It shows the excellence of a modest production, but really vocational.”


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