Él Vino En Un Barco


Él Vino en un Barco is a show based on the songs that became our soundtrack in the 40s and after the Civil War. The folk song known as “copla”.

These songs had an enormous impact -mainly on the radio- and became sentimental educators at a time of deep repression. The show claims songs that were stigmatized for a long time associated with Franco’s dictatorship.

Quintero, León and Quiroga among others explained dramatic stories that were theatre pieces about passionate, tragic and irreverent loves. Stories that talked about us. About all that remains essentially human.


Release Date: 30/07/2004
Site: La Paloma – Special Programme
Teatre Artenbrut de Barcelona

Title: Él Vino en un Barco
Playwright and Director: Josep Costa
Musical Direction and Arrangements: Xavier Torras
Music: VV.AA.
Choreography: Roberto G. Alonso
Costumes: Míriam Compte
Characterizacion: Toni Santos
Lighting: David Lloris
Production: Wai Entertainment / Teatro Kaddish
With the collaboration of El Prat de Llobregat Town Hall Department of Culture (Barcelona)


Xaro Campo
Ivan Labanda
Mamen Marquez
Laura Sancho


Sergi Alpiste
Rubén Berengena
Marc Camero
Ferran Oltra
Xavier Torras


Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia:
· Ivan Labanda – Nominated for Best Leading Actor in a Musical


“The strength and flavour of the copla. These qualities were shown in the three performances of Él Vino en un Barco, which gathered an audience who wanted to listen to famous pieces.”
“A laborious task of coordination and performance. The four voices invite us to travel back in time with their performances.”


No Són Maneres de Matar Una Dona