Flor de Otoño


Flor de Otoño is a tragicomedy set in Barcelona before the War. The old Barcelona. The bohemian, ​​anarchist and scoundrel Barcelona.
José María Rodríguez Méndez takes us to that wonderful time with all its poetic and political burden. Now that that time is over. Now that the passionate city has been destroyed by the designed city. Now that the joy of living has become the boredom of staying alive. Now that, luckily, there are still some bohemians, anarchists and scoundrels. We want to tell Lluiset’s story before memory is completely erased. A bohemian, anarchist, and vocational bastard from a wealthy family. A lawyer who at night becomes Flor de Otoño, the star of the burlesque show.


Release Date: 27/11/2003
Site: Teatro Artenbrut de Barcelona

Title: Flor de Otoño
Direction: Josep Costa
Musical Direction: Xavier Torras
Libreto: José María Rodríguez Méndez
Music: Xavier Torras
Production: Wai Entertainment


Alma Alonso
Àngel Amazares
Iván Campillo
Ivan Labanda
Jordi Llordella
Juan Jiménez
Àngela Jové
Joan Negrié
Blanca Pàmpols
Laura Sancho
Joan Maria Segura
Albert Triola


“Excellent narrative pace. Very remarkable, good and meritorious performance. Four actresses and eight actors have to perform many dozens of characters. They sweat blood and they do it well. Albert Triola, Joan Maria Segura, Ivan Labanda, Laura Sancho and Ivan Campillo stand out within a homogeneous group that does not show any significant mistake.”


“A happily rescued play that must be seen.”


“The ovations that followed Flor de Otoño did justice to the author and the play. A high quality show. A highly recommended play.”


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