Les Falses Confidències


Les Falses Confidències devises a love seduction plan which overcomes all social conventions. It is a game of revelations where words take double meanings and hide true thoughts, property interests are settled with the reasons of the heart. A comedy of intrigue and strategy. The most authentic feelings beat domestic pettiness and nobility. The winding dialogues, the misunderstandings and shared secret surround confidences which overcome falsehood, marriage of convenience and allow love to win over money. Once again, passion is the only real thing.


Release Date: 17/11/2005
Site: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Title: Les Falses Confidències
Direction: Sergi Belbel
Text: Pierre de Marivaux
(Adaptation by Sergi Belbel)
Music: Albert Guinovart
Set Design: Max Glaenzel, Estel Cristià
Costumes: Javier Artiñano
Lighting: Albert Faura
Production: TNC, Gran Teatre del Liceu


Jordi Banacolocha
Laura Conejero
Eduard Farelo
Míriam Iscla
Ivan Labanda
Pilar Martínez
Francesca Piñón
Quimet Pla
Manuel Veiga


“One of the most ambitious and appealing plays of Barcelona theatre season. Sophistication and elegance.”


“The premiere was followed by many applauses and bravos. Mission accomplished.”


“A luxurious and bright play with actors who move nimbly through the vast stage.”


“A good comedy, a solid cast, ingenious stage mechanisms… Everything to leave the audience satisfied.”


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