Jo sóc un altre!


Pol, Sara, Marc and Olivia are four characters who lie. All the time. Almost as much as real people. But the difference is that we can hear their thoughts. All of them. Even those who are so intimate and perverse that make us ashamed of ourselves. Jo sóc un altre! is a (very, very) crazy comedy about who we do not want to be but inevitably are. An urban comedy about characters who are full of insecurities even though they pretend to be winners.


Release Date: 14/03/2006
Site: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

Title: Jo sóc un altre!
Direction: Tamzin Townsend
Text: Esteve Soler
Music: VV.AA.
Set Design anf Costumes: Pau Durán, Nina Pawlovsky
Producció: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya


Roger Casamajor
Elena Fortuny
Ivan Labanda
Anna Sahún


“It is pretty funny and smells pretty successful.”
“Four good and spirited performers. Tamzin Townsend ensures the good performance of both actors and above all the pace of their ridiculous atrocities.”


“Four good actors guided by Tamzin Townsend’s professional experience. Anna Sahún, Elena Fortuny, Ivan Labanda and Roger Casamajor are reliable actors who spare no energy and enthusiasm, even if that means working with nothing. Just for them it is worth buying tickets and think that behind there is a good text, a good comedy.”


“The looks, the gestures, the choreography… The actors save the work with the best magician’s sleight of hand”


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