La Jaula de las Locas


The peaceful life of Albin and Georges as a couple, owners of the nightclub La Cage aux Folles in Saint Tropez, is totally altered by unexpected news. Jean Michel, the son of Georges, is going to marry the daughter of an ultra-conservative deputy, a staunch defender of the most traditional values ​​in family life. The explosive encounter between two very different families unleashes a hilarious comedy full of love and crazy situations.

La Jaula de las Locas is a great hymn to individual and collective freedom. A daring staging, amazing choreography, exuberant costume design and a universal theme make it one of the most acclaimed musicals in history. Each show transforms “La Jaula” into a party, a celebration of the “joie de vivre” that you know how it starts, but never how it ends!


Release Date: 27/09/18 – 03/10/19
Site: Teatre Tívoli de Barcelona – Teatro Rialto de Madrid

This show has toured Spain.

Title: La Jaula de las Locas
Direction: Àngel Llàcer
Assistant Direction: Daniel J. Meyer / Joan María Segura
Resident Director: Marc Montserrat-Drukker, Daniel J. Meyer, Joan Mª Segura, Joao Duarte
Musical Direction: Manu Guix
Choreography: Aixa Guerra / Miryam Benedíted
Costumes: Miríam Compte
Set Design: Enric Planas
Lighting: Albert Faura
Production: Nostromo Live


Àngel Llàcer
Ivan Labanda
Mireia Portas
José Luis Mosquera
Ricky Mata
Oriol Burés
Roc Bernadí
Lucía Madrigal Cuadra
Anna Lagares
Antonio del Valle
Víctor Gómez
Clàudia Bravo
Jordi Diaz
Empar Esteve
Evangelina Esteves
Alejandro Fernández
Jordi García
Enric Marimon
Pedro Martell
Ana Micó
Joan Salas
Sergi Terns
Danel Xabier
Ana Cerdeiriña
Bittor Fernández
Keko Marcos
Chema Zamora
Christian Soto


Premis de la Crítica 2018:
· Best Musical
· Best Musical Actor: Àngel Llàcer
· Best Musical Actor: Ivan Labanda
· Best Costumes


Andreu Gallén
Gerard Alonso
Marc García
Gerard Alonso
Jordi Santanach
Marcel·lí Bayer
Jordi Cornudella
Josep Gomariz
Vicent Pérez
Darío García
Eloi López Oltra
Guillermo Prats
Xavi Sánchez


“Labanda manages to completely win over, and by his own merits, the affection, and finally the hearts, of an audience that ended up applauding him with enthusiasm. Labanda: perfect in the comedic moments and equally perfect in the not-so-comedic ones. A powerhouse on stage, and, attention!, just as much when he steps off it and interacts with the audience.”

“A standing audience celebrated a musical called to have a long life amidst ovations.”


“A charismatic and powerful version of the musical La Jaula de las Locas”

“Next to Llàcer, the always wonderful Ivan Labanda takes on the exquisite and impeccable role of Georges, the Master of Ceremonies, manager of La Cage Aux Folles and Albin’s partner.”

“A standing audience celebrated a musical called to have a long life amidst ovations.”

“A splendid chemistry. Àngel Llàcer and Ivan Labanda set Barcelona’s Tívoli on its feet by leading the cast of the musical ‘Cage of the Mad’.”

“Ivan Labanda is terrific as Georges, the Saint-Tropez cabaret owner and Albin’s partner, with the air of a young Jean-Pierre Aumont. She sings with romantic flight and a beautiful voice, and shines in Canción de la playa, which has melodic echoes between Francis Lai and Michel Legrand.”

“There is a splendid chemistry between Llàcer and Labanda. I have never seen them better or more dedicated: those roles will last them like brand watches.”

“What a pleasure it is to go to the theater, see it full of happy people and predict a great success for the performance!”

“The hilarious version of Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix of La Cage de las Locas triumphs in style at the Tívoli Theater in Barcelona.”

“Ivan Labanda is his perfect partner in a musical that smacks of success… He has rhythm, grace and strokes of wit. Llàcer has good chemistry with Labanda, who, with a good nose, uses the same scathing register of the master of ceremonies from “Cabaret” in the club scenes and is the one who sings with more solvency and mastery of the style.”

“La Jaula de las Locas is a wonderful sample of musical comedy faithful in its format and melodies to the image we have of Broadway.”

“It should be made clear that Ivan Labanda’s acting work is fantastic, talentedly taking on a character that was originally written to be a prince consort.”

“A party, a great musical.”

“Nothing that works in this show would be possible without the complicity of the team, and especially with Ivan Labanda: One of the best musical actors in our country, who also had a challenge that he has more than overcome: distancing himself from the mythical Maestro de Ceremonies he created in the musical “Cabaret” last season.”

“La Jaula de las Locas is a fireworks display, full of color, light, music, costumes, dance, a lot of picaresque and a lot of comedy. No one will headbutt, on the contrary: The public will leave the theater wide awake and animated.”

“Georges and Albin are Ivan Labanda and Àngel Llàcer. You can’t tell which of the two is better, because they are both wonderful.”

“A show that deserves to have a long life.”

“La Jaula de las Locas at the Teatre Tívoli: a high-quality musical that goes straight to the heart.”

“A show that makes your day, moves you, makes you think and makes you feel alive. The musical is selling out almost every performance because it is a party, a beauty that has nothing to envy to the Broadway version and a pleasant surprise that should not be missed.

“As always, Ivan Labanda is wonderful and has hit the nail on the head when it comes to playing Georges. Without a doubt, he is one of the actors in the country that we most like to see on stage in a musical, because he is all fun, big voice and presence.”

“One of the musicals of the year that everyone must discover.”

“Ivan Labanda once again demonstrates his versatility, managing to get into the role without any problem, making us laugh. The two leads play great roles and get along very well on stage.”

“La Jaula de las Locas is a fun musical with great actors and great musical numbers.”

“This La Cage aux Folles is a true luxury, directed with exquisite care that knows how to explore the boundaries of good taste.”

“The show offers a growing, vibrant, and moving emotion, reminiscent of the great Broadway.”

“Ivan Labanda excels in the challenging role of Georges. He is charming, cheerful, conciliatory, and manages to magnify a character that, being the protagonist, could be overshadowed by the flashy excesses of his partner, Albin. Congratulations.”

“La Cage aux Folles fulfills the dream of many theater lovers, with exceptional craftsmanship and a promising future.”

“Llàcer is superb, perfectly supported by Ivan Labanda. So in tune with their respective characters. This creates a magical effect that makes the audience believe they will continue to be exactly like that when they step off the stage.”

“A brilliant performance every minute.”

“Àngel Llàcer and Ivan Labanda have impressed us, particularly. They are perfect in both their interpretative roles and vocal qualities.”

“A magnificent musical that has all the ingredients to succeed on Gran Vía in Madrid.”

“It conveys a very powerful message, a hymn to freedom, with very catchy songs and splendid musical direction.”

“A musical that quickens the heartbeat and moves you to tears.”

“A tremendous success, exceeding expectations and putting the public in the pocket, which applauded non-stop.”

“A great Ivan Labanda and a fabulous Àngel Llàcer.”

“La Jaula de las Locas “is what it is”, but when a fantastic Labanda (Georges) acts as master of ceremonies with the ambiguous savoir faire of Luis Mariano and crosses the curtain, the Tívoli is transformed into a chocolate box. And the magic grows when Labanda and Llàcer share the stage. By rejuvenating the gay couple created by Jean Poiret in 1973, an energy is created that makes their commitment a very lively gesture, with new messages.”

“Every time that Llàcer and Labanda take over the performance, this glamorous production by La Jaula de las Locas vindicates its camp air in a big way. A festival of elegance against plumophobia. And Madame Arthur nods happily from across the street.”

“An excellent production. Àngel Llàcer’s direction is precise, attentive to humor and with a great sense of rhythm.”

“Ivan Labanda shows once again that he is a great actor and singer at the service of the divism of his partner in the show, Llàcer/Zaza.”

“This Jaula de las Locas has quality, it is fun and it will be very entertaining for the general public, whether they like musicals or not.”

“An elegant production.”
“Llàcer -who also directs- makes a creation of the transformist Zaza and Ivan Labanda is splendid as his partner. It is “Savoir Faire” personified.”

“The hit of the season. The Cast led by Àngel Llàcer and Ivan Labanda puts the public in their pocket.”

“…A charismatic Ivan Labanda, of whom I have already said more than once that we need to bring Hamilton to Spain simply so that he can be King George III, brings us a magnetic Georges, who serves as an anchor for the crazy Albin.”

“A daring proposal for a great Broadway musical comedy with the best artistic team possible.”

“La Jaula de las Locas is a hurricane of feathers, color, enthusiasm and energy that shakes the city of Barcelona. A very careful production that turns the show into a great party.”

“Àngel Llàcer and Ivan Labanda capture and transmit the tender relationship of the leading couple and the comedy they give off is indisputable. Supported again by a very good characterization, the two display resources, energy and talent so that we can accompany them at this party. Labanda defends George from a stylish and playful composure at the same time and stands out for the use of his voice, both in the songs and in the text.”

“A good job by the entire company that embraces that of a leading couple that fits perfectly and knows how to put the characters before the revelry without ever giving up the joke, and maintaining the emotion and the allegation.”

“A show of great quality. A brilliant proposal directed with extraordinary skill.”

“Ivan Labanda, one of the best musical actors, plays Georges fantastically.”

“The music, the sound, the lighting, the costumes along with the wonderful performances make this a moving musical that flies by.”

“Nothing similar exists in the broad and varied theatrical landscape, where abandon, explosiveness, exuberance, and stage strength blend so well.”

“Alongside Llàcer, Ivan Labanda is sensational. The multifaceted actor stands out artistically for his correctness, sensitivity, and stage presence. Great comfort and vocal ease.”

“A vindicating musical designed for love and enjoyment with profound lyrics, electrifying choreographies, contagious melodies, and colorful costumes. Come and see La Cage aux Folles.”

“A musical that stands out for its performances, good taste, and commitment to quality.”

“Ivan Labanda emerges here as the great revelation of the musical. Ivan’s performance is truly stellar. A wealth of expertise on the stage.”

“A musical that is pure joy, oscillating between smiles and emotions. One exits it, wishing to stay and live there forever. Life begins there, today and at every performance.”

“A surprise with excellent theatrical craftsmanship.”

“There are several reasons for the play’s success: its story, its cast – Àngel Llàcer and Ivan Labanda, the onstage chemistry between them, its music…”

“La Cage aux Folles has arrived on Gran Vía to stay.”

“A musical that is pure joy, oscillating between smiles and emotions. One exits it, wishing to stay and live there forever. Life begins there, today and at every performance.”

“This musical is a delight. You feel like you’re on Broadway. It’s one of those shows that make you feel good, stir your emotions, and laugh from the heart.”

“La Cage aux Folles turns Teatro Rialto into a true celebration. It’s a tribute to joy, equality, optimism, freedom, and life.”

“A musical that is pure joy, oscillating between smiles and emotions. One exits it, wishing to stay and live there forever. Life begins there, today and at every performance.”

“Ivan Labanda is excellent, demonstrating undeniable strength and a more than competent vocal performance.”

“Labanda delivers on all fronts in the musical, with elegance, exquisite phrasing, and a beautiful voice.”

“Labanda truly makes his mark on a very challenging role. His portrayal turns Georges into a sensitive, elegant character with an irresistible chemistry with Llàcer. A work loaded with authenticity.”

“La Cage aux Folles is a performance of the highest level, one of the best in recent times. A beautiful, vital show from every angle. Pure theater.”

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