For Evita

Welcome to the grand “perona” celebration of Grec 2023, a scenic and musical event that turns the admiration for Argentina’s former first lady into a religious fervor. Some believe in aliens, some believe in God, and some believe in Lewandowski or George R.R. Martin… There are also those who believe in Eva Perón, like the organizers of this celebration, a group of “peronas,” as they call themselves, who will talk to you about Evita and sing songs. Some of these songs are related to the story being told, while others come from the musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber with lyrics by Tim Rice. You will hear a medley of songs by the great Raffaella Carrà and “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,” among many other songs appropriately translated into Catalan. Eva Perón is one of the essential characters to talk about Argentina’s recent history, and despite the years that have passed since her death in 1952, there is still no consensus about her figure. Was she a defender of the underprivileged or a manipulative populist? Some have a clear opinion, like the organizers of the evangelical-perona mass that will take place in Montjuïc. Without her, who filled Franco’s Spain with beans during times of hunger, who dared to tell the Generalissimo and his lady, Doña Carmen, what they didn’t want to hear, and who saved Concha Márquez Piquer’s life by providing the imported medicine she needed, our lives would have been different.
The show is an adaptation of “Requiem for Evita,” a piece that won the Teatre Barcelona award for Best Musical in 2017 and was a finalist for the BBVA Awards.


Opening date: 27/07/2023
Location: Teatre Grec de Barcelona

Title: For Evita
Playwriting and stage direction: Jordi Prat i Coll
Musical direction: Andreu Gallén
Choreography: Aixa Guerra
Choir direction: Cristina Colomer
Set design: Sergi Corbera
Costume design: Adriana Parra
Lighting design: David Bofarull (a.a.i.)
Sound design: Jordi Ballbé, Albert Ballbé
Characterization and wardrobe assistance: Núria Llunell
Costume construction: Núria Monfort
Set construction: Nuno Art Construction
Assistant direction and lyrics adaptation: David Pintó i Codinasaltas
Photography: May Zircus
Technical chief: Enric Alarcón
Lighting technician: Oriol Mestre
Stage management: Marc Berraondo
Executive production: Marta Colell
Communication and distribution: Bitò
Practicum student in direction and playwriting (Institut del Teatre): Mireia Claramunt
Direction apprenticeship: Pau Serés
Acknowledgments: Judit Farrés, Escola Eòlia


Ivan Labanda
Anna Moliner
Jordi Vidal
Andreu Gallén

Dance ensemble:
Sol Carner
Guillem Fole
Aleix Lladó
Ingrid Machuca
Andreu Mauri
Júlia Pérez
Marta Pérez
Òscar Planells

Albert Carrique
Laia Ferrer
Raul Gil
Dusan Jevtovic
Eloi López
Vicent Pérez
Xavi Sánchez

Musicals’ Choir


“The most fun and outrageous closing of the Grec Festival that I remember: “For Evita.” A musical farce” by Jordi Prat i Coll and Andreu Gallén. A secular mass where the trio of performers consisting of Ivan Labanda, Anna Moliner, and Jordi Vidal momentarily resurrected Eva María Duarte de Perón (Evita to her friends) at the Montjuïc amphitheater to have her engage in a dialogue with the great and dearly missed Raffaella Carrà. A ten for the dance corps! A ten for the performers! A ten for the Catalan-translated lyrics from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical “Evita”! And a ten for the Grec audience that chorused them in unison! Dear ones, today we are all Perones!”

“Great professionals in musical theater: Anna Moliner, Ivan Labanda, Jordi Vidal, and Andreu Gallén.”

“For Evita. Una astracanada musical” is a fun, crazy, and liberating work that not only celebrates the figure of Evita but also uses her as a starting point to celebrate life itself. Being ourselves, enjoying what surrounds us and the people around us, a song to be who we are without worrying about what others may think of us. The best celebration and, above all, the best planned closing for Grec 2023.”

“A show delivered by top-notch performers in the musical interpretation. Brilliant performers.”

“Ecstasy. Apotheotic.”

“Ivan Labanda’s virtuosity transcends his own acting boundaries.”

La Jaula de las Locas