La Bella y la Bestia


La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty and the Beast) is a classic tale that tells the story of an arrogant and selfish prince who lived in a magnificent castle. One winter night an old beggar woman arrived in the castle and asked for shelter. In return for his hospitality she gave him a red rose. The prince, seeing her dirty and ragged appearance, did not let her in.
Then the old woman became beautiful enchantress and, as punishment for his evil, turned the Prince into a hideous beast and all his servants into enchanted objects.
The sorceress gave the prince a rose: if he found love before the last petal falls, the spell would break; if not, he would remain a beast forever. Meanwhile, Maurice -an inventor who lives in the neighboring village- got lost in the woods and finds the castle. The Beast made him a prisoner until his daughter Bella -a beautiful young dreamer- found him and decided to exchange for him.

La Bella y Bestia is the classic Disney tale turned into a musical full of magic and poetry which has won millions of hearts worldwide.
The tender love story between Beauty and the Beast -along with a design full of imagination- introduces the audience into a world of fantasy and surprise where we will find the universal message this story gives us (beauty is inside) with the company of deliciously unique characters.


Release Date: 30/10/2009
Site: Barcelona Teatre Musical

Title: La Bella y La Bestia
Direction: Glenn Casale
Musical Direction: Santiago Pérez
Libreto: Linda Woolverton
Music and Lyrics: Tim Rice, Howard Ashmann
Music: Alan Menken
Set Design: David Gallo
Costumes: Miguel Ángel Huidor
Choreography: John Macinnis
Lighting: Mike Baldassari
Production: Stage Entertainment España


David Ordinas
Julia Möller
Ivan Labanda
Raúl Peña
Sergi Albert
Albert Muntanyola
Esteban Oliver
Pablo Ibáñez
Mercè Martínez
Marta Capel
Patrícia Paisal
Albert Gràcia
Alejandro De Los Santos
Arnau Castro
Begoña Álvarez
Benjamí Conesa
Carles Alexandre

Evangelina Esteves
Jaume Giró
Lea Clariss
Lídia Ibáñez
Mª Ángeles Alcazar
Míriam Vives
Pilar Paez
Raúl Grau
Reinol Morales
Sonia Cruz
Teresa Belza
Oriol Anglada
Javier Llanos
Adriana de Robles
Xènia García
Beltran Iraburu
Marc Ribalta
Alex Redondo
Guillem Martí


“The magic of the musical Beauty and the Beast seduces Barcelona.
… Entertaining, scenically spectacular and musically brilliant.
… The magic of the musical Beauty and the Beast seduces Barcelona.”


“As Mrs Potts sings the first notes of Beauty and the Beast it was as if magic had spread around the theatre.”


“The spectacular nature of Beauty and the Beast seduces the viewers of Barcelona Teatre Musical.
… A show designed to break records.”


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