El Mikado


The plot of El Mikado is about the prohibition of flirting unless there is an intention of getting married. According to the synopsis of the play, whoever violates this rule pays their disobedience with death. It is the starting point of a succession of equivocations brightly splattered with musical performances by the members of Dagoll Dagom, giving more evidence about their excellent performance skills. El Mikado is a comic operetta set in two acts, with libretto by WS Gilbert and music by Arthur Sullivan. It is set in a village of Japan (Titipu), which premiered in London in 1885. “We are in Jauja -a pre-industrial Japan with characters painted on teacups, fans and parasols- a country where everything is possible, where power is derided and love is people’s laughing stock. We are in the land of the comic operetta.”


Release Date: 28/04/2006
Site: Teatre Apolo de Barcelona.

This show was on tour throughout Spain and after that it made season at the Gran Via Theater in Madrid.

Title: El Mikado
Direction: Joan Lluís Bozzo
Musical Direction : Joan Vives
Libreto: W.S.Gilbert
Music: Arthur Sullivan
Coreografia: Anna Briansó
Set Design and Costumes: Montse Amenós, Isidre Prunés
Lighting: Lluís Navarro
Production: Dagoll Dagom


Mariona Blanch
Àlex Esteve
Josep Ferrer
Josep Maria Gimeno
Dulcinea Juárez
Ivan Labanda / Toni Viñals
Maria del Mar Maestu
Albert Muntanyola
Manoli Nieto
Jaume Ortanobas
Elisabet Paz
Ira Prat


Gustavo Piqué
Xavier Navarro
Eduardo Langarica
Imma Guàrdia
Valeriu Motatu
Pablo Navarro
Miguel Ángel Alonso
Rafael Benavent
Manolo Díaz
Edurne Vila
(among others)


Public Awards of the Performing Arts:
· Best Theatrical Play.


“A successful play. During the premiere, there were sound problems for a little while and Ivan Labanda’s voice (an athletic Nanki-Poo) was still perfectly heard.”

“Ivan Labanda makes a good Nanki-Poo, leader and athletic.”


“Formidable performing abilities by the singers and musical refinement of the actors. El Mikado seduces our ears and fascinates our eyes.”


“Ivan Labanda shows he is a great comedy actor.”


“A delicious musical comedy.”

“Good actors who are also good singers. People sing with great professionalism so that the director Joan Lluís Bozzo can be much more demanding.”


“Ivan Labanda and Dulcinea Juárez are the leading actors of a cast that shines in a brilliant staging.”


“Ivan Labanda is hilarious at times with a comic style which reminds us of “Princess Bride”.”


“Dagoll Dagom has hit home again with this show.”


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