CHICAGO is one of the most famous and thrilling musicals on Broadway.
An exhilarating story about greed, murder, and the world of show business, filled with hits like “All That Jazz” and “Razzle Dazzle.” The musical has all the elements that make Broadway the birthplace of the best musicals: a universal story of fame and fortune, a mythical score, and choreography recognized as some of the best in history.
Performed in 36 countries and seen by over 33 million spectators, CHICAGO has become a theatrical phenomenon worldwide.
Written by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse, with music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb, CHICAGO has been awarded 6 Tony Awards®, 2 Olivier Awards, 1 Grammy®, and countless standing ovations. CHICAGO always delivers on its promise.


Release Date: 05/10/2023
Location: Teatro Nuevo Apolo (Madrid)

Title: Chicago
Lyrics and Music: Fred Ebb & Bob Fosse
Music Supervisor and Musical Direction: Rob Bowman & Andreu Gallén
Original Choreography and Recreation: Ann Reinking & Gary Chryst
Original Direction and Recreation: Walter Bobbie & Tania Nardini
Lighting: Ken Billington
Resident Direction and Choreographic Assistance: Víctor Conde & Francesc Abós
Production: Som Produce


Silvia Álvarez
Ela Ruiz
Ivan Labanda
Inma Cuevas
A. Bolea
Alejandro Vera
Ángel Saavedra

Teresa Abarca
Álvaro Cuenca
Diana Girbau
Briel González
Mario Hornero
Valeria Jones
Sara Martín
Paula Miessa
Gerard Mínguez
Graciela Monterde
Jose Montero
Esteban Provenzano
Marc Sol
Víctor González
Beatriz Mur
Rebeca O’Neill
Urko Fernández


“An exciting and excellent classic. Everyone is splendid without exception. Ivan Labanda as Billy Flynn is a true success… He’s the focal point everyone wants to have nearby. Labanda constantly tightens the screws on his character to bring us closer to a Billy who, on the surface, appears candid and lawful, but underneath the lawyer’s attire, we find a person driven by self-interest. The duality that Labanda manages to reveal when he wants is what makes his character so intriguing to the audience. Even at times, he manages to overshadow the leading ladies on stage.”

“Everything is strength through the minimum… Principals and the ensemble are splendid: charisma and professionalism to carry out a not-so-easy work that shines to the tune of jazz.”

“An explosive musical loaded with the elements typical of Broadway’s great musicals.”

“Ivan Labanda takes home the golden applause of this show.”

“The characters of Billy Flynn, Roxie, and Amos shine particularly. Ivan Labanda’s presence as Billy Flynn makes every moment much more interesting.”

“Perfection on stage from start to finish. Everything is perfect. Ivan Labanda’s performance leaves you in awe.”

“An impeccable show. An unpredictable wonder. A well-cast production with great voices, but Ivan Labanda as Billy Flynn steals the show: The best Billy Flynn I’ve ever seen.”

“An elegant and minimalist stage proposal with wonderful voices that have nothing to envy from those on Broadway.”

“A hypnotic show that creates an atmosphere that captivates you beyond imagination. You can’t miss it.”

“Ivan Labanda portrays an irresistible Billy Flynn, delivering wonderful moments. I’ll be back.”

“Chicago boasts performers of exceptional quality. Ivan Labanda stands out with a believable and magnificent performance as Billy Flynn.”

“…Magnificent vocal quality, excelling in both the singing and the acting, Ivan Labanda. His great stage presence shines, not only in the musical numbers also in his overall performance.”

“In this show, Ivan Labanda and Inma Cuevas stand out especially.”

“A great performance by the lead actors and actresses.”


“A show that can’t boast better actors, more talented dancers, or a better band. Ivan Labanda as Billy Flynn makes it clear that he has years of experience and is a seasoned actor. He sings, dances, makes you laugh… He doesn’t learn his role: he becomes his character. He’s the total actor.”


“A show that manages to delight the audience. The cast manage to excel in their role interpretations with impressive qualities. Special mention, of course, goes to Ivan Labanda embodying the ruthless lawyer Billy Flynn. You can’t miss it.”

“A unique musical in its style with an elegant and sophisticated staging… Everyone are spectacular in their performances. Ivan Labanda gets the audience and convince with his excellent work in all aspects, his professionalism, and his stage presence.”

“Ivan Labanda convinces with his portrayal of Billy Flynn, allowing him to shine on stage. He infuses his personal touch into his work on stage, which is a plus.”

“A production that shines at the Teatro Apolo in Madrid. It’s not just a musical; it’s an incisive mirror of our modern society.”
“Ivan Labanda’s masterful portrayal of Billy Flynn has brought to life a character with captivating charisma and an innate ability to manipulate situations and emotions. This multidisciplinary artist has created a fascinating and complex Billy Flynn. His ability to guide the narrative and distort the truth on stage showcases his intelligence and versatility as an actor.”

“A fantastic production that doesn’t disappoint. A great rendition of a true classic.”

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