Live in Burlesque


The burlesque, the genre that is triumphing in cabarets around the world, comes to Barcelona with Team Molino, our stable company, the artists Merche Mar and Amador Rojas and new actors -Patricia Paisal, Iván Labanda and Raúl Grau.

We have created a show that contains aspects of our past of feather and sequin, the vintage past. By “vintage” we mean everything that belongs to another era but that is still considered a classic. We are reminded of that thanks to several cuplés performed by Patricia Paisal, without forgetting the duet played by our hostess Merche Mar and her partner Ivan Labanda.
The cabaret par excellence, reminiscent of the Berlin of the 30s, has a strong presence in Live in Burlesque. The aesthetics of the corset, the baby-doll pyjamas, the suspender belt, the red and the black and transvestism are more present than ever. Under the name of Gaudí-Circus, a pure spectacle comes to El Molino. An oneiric show to dream and get carried away and go into the Gaudinian fantasy of Barcelona. Acrobatics by Raül Grau and burlesque numbers and purity of movements by Amador Rojas which fill the room with excitement.
We live in burlesque because we are El Molino. We mix the cuplé with Lady Gaga. We fly in the smallest highest music hall in the world. Because we know where we come from and we know where we want to go.


Release Date: 03/11/2011
Site: El Molino de Barcelona

Title: Live in Burlesque
Direction: El Molino Factory
Musical Direction: Xavier Torras
Music: VV.AA.
Choreography: Jean Emile
Costumes: María Araujo
Production: Elvira Vazquez, El Molino Factory


Merche Mar
Amador Rojas
Raül Grau
Iván Labanda
Patricia Paisal
Marta Alert
Ievgen Tykhnkov
Edgar Ávila
Juli Bellot
Vanessa García
Lilith Le Monde (Mª Jesús García)
Laia Mora
Roger Salvany
Aina Torné


Xavier Torras
Abel Garriga
Laia Rius
Laura Marín
Cesc Miralta
Toni Rocosa
Rubén Berengena
Ramiro Rosa
Aniol Miró

Guinovart 50
Flor De Nit