Com si Fos Ahir


A tragic accident is the starting point of “Com Si Fos Ahir”. However, an accident has a positive effect: the reunion of some old high school classmates who, after twenty-five years, meet at the funeral of one of them.

The time of the institute, when they did BUP and COU in the Reina Sibila, turned them into a heterogeneous group, thugs and full of life. In the 1980s, they were a group of young people who thought they would be friends for life, but later life gave them very different cards. And now, when they are almost fifty, they meet again and, little by little, they resume that friendship, realizing that life expectations are not always fulfilled and that, if they do, they are always loaded with some surprise.

For all of them, having a group of friends again represents a playful oasis in the midst of the daily headaches. Now they have someone to have dinner with or have a drink with to distract themselves. But the closer the bonds become, the more complicated the relationships become. Despite the frictions, disagreements and occasional conflicts, they form a compact group that helps each other get ahead.


Release Date: 14/02/22
Channel: Televisió de Catalunya

Title: Com si fos Ahir
Direction: Sónia Sánchez
Season: 4
Production: Televisió de Catalunya

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Roger Coma
Ivan Labanda
Eduard Farelo
Elena Gadel
Marc Cartes
Àurea Márquez
Jordi Rico
Montse Germán
(among others)

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