Projecte Beta


Transmedia fiction of a boy band with a K-pop aesthetic of four young people who move to live in an old warehouse that they also use as a rehearsal space. All of them have met in an online game, but when they meet physically they realize that everything has been set up by an artificial intelligence trapped in a computer from the eighties who has heard their first song and wants to be their manager.

In addition to the classic fiction, ‘Projecte Beta’ has a video podcast, music videos and a video game inspired by its world.


Release Date: 10/10/22
Channel: TVC

Title: Projecte Beta
Direction: Alexis Barroso, Ivan Labanda, Rut Boixader, Nia Sanjuan
Seasons: 4
Production: Gestmusic and Televisió de Catalunya

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Èrica López
Pau Llimós
Aina Rosselló
Èric Alés