When you already seemed that the wounds were healing, the wolf returns. The wolf is an abuser. And the person who questions us is a friend of the victim. He wants to help her out of that situation, but he doesn’t know how to do it. This song talks about an abuse that is increasing and ends up triggering physical abuse, too. “Lobo” is an uncomfortable song, which leaves those who listen to it breathless, and which confronts us with a case of gender violence in all its harshness.


Script and direction: Ivan Labanda
Voice, Music and Lyrics: Elena Gadel
Direction of photography: Anna Molins
Editing: Jordi Gallofré, Ivan Labanda
Sound technician: Toni Pagès
Choreography: Jordi Vilaseca
Musical Production: Kim Fanlo
Recorded and mastered: Marc Parrot en Grabaciones Silvestres
Label: Música Global
Management: Crea Music


Elena Gadel


Elena Gadel
Maria Rodríguez
Jordi Coll
Beatriz de Paz
Jordi Vilaseca


· Winner of the Sensei Festival (Japan)
· Winner of TAKT Film Festival
· Public Award at the En Off Festival
· Official Selection – Roca Film Festival
· Official Selection – 35 Girona Film Festival
· Official Selection – AMUA Festival


“Elena Gadel sings against gender-based violence with a heart-wrenching music video.”.

“If you haven’t seen it, you must do it now”.

“A powerful and emotional song against gender-based violence”.

“A raw and poetic piece”.

“A powerful song accompanied by an outstanding and impactful music video.”

“A devastating, unfiltered, and metaphor-free anthem.”

“A shocking music video that leaves viewers frozen in awe”.

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