Las Manos del Pianista


In the town of Breda, a construction company wants to take advantage of the current moment to build a luxury housing development in the suburbs. Suddenly, the body of one of the partners is found in one of the newly built houses. An unsuccessful pianist who complements his poor income by eliminating uncomfortable pets and animals seems to be the main suspect of his death. The musician hires the detective Ricardo Cupido to exonerate him from the crime.


Title: Las Manos del Pianista
Year: 2008

Direction: Sergio G. Sánchez
Script: Sergio G. Sánchez and Kike Maíllo
(based on the novel by Miguel Barros)
Production: Rodar&Rodar


Marta Belaustegui
Montserrat Carulla
Fernando Cayo
Javier Gutiérrez
Laura Jou
Ivan Labanda
Gorka Lasaosa
Blanca Martínez
Francesc Orella
Clara Segura
Marc Rodríguez


Málaga Film Festival
· Critics’ Choice Awards

Alicante Film Festival
· Critics’ Choice Awards

New York City International Film Festival
· Nominated for Television Feature Film

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