Gaudí, el musical de Barcelona


Albert Guinovart’s score is the basis of Gaudí,el Musical de Barcelona a musical biography of Anton Gaudí and one of the main events that the world of culture has organized for 2002 on the occasion of the 150th great architect’s birth anniversary. Built on flashbacks, the play begins with the accident that led Gaudí to his death and goes through different moments of his life. Gaudí, el Musical de Barcelona is therefore the story of a genius who succumbed to his dreams.


Release Date: 24/09/2002
Site: Barcelona Teatre Musical

Title: Gaudí, El Musical de Barcelona
Direction: Jose Antonio Gutiérrez, Elisa Crehuet
Musical Direction: Francesc Guillen
Libreto: Jordi Galceran, Esteve Miralles
Music: Albert Guinovart
Costumes: María Araujo
Production: Focus, Iberautor


Alícia Ferrer
Isabel Soriano
Ivan Labanda
Joan Maria Segura
Jordi Vidal
Laura Mejía
María Blanco
Miquel Cobos Torné
Oriol Tramvia
Xaro Campo
Xavier Ribera-Vall
(among others)


Edurne Vila
Esther Vila
Geert Krossenbrink
Guillermo Prats
Lluís Cabal
Sergi Cuenca
Xavier Torras
(among others)


Butaca Theatre and Cinema Awards of Catalonia 2003:
· Winner of Best Musical Show


“Gaudí wanted to be and is a great show.”

“Excellent performers and a very attractive choir make a play which is worth seeing.”

“A cast that includes excellent professionals.”


“A good show. Gaudí, el Musical has international level and can wander through Europe with its head held high. ”

“Part of the success of this Gaudí is thanks to the performance. It has means and a brilliant artistic team.”

“Gaudi is a show needs to be seen.”


“Gaudí is one of the first major musical productions of the 21st century.”


“A good team of leading actors.”

“Gaudí is by far the best musical you can see at the moment.”

“The excellence of Gaudí lies in the good voices and the good music.”

“The level of” Gaudí can be considered a remarkable success.”


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