Crackòvia is a sports programme of sports satire broadcasted by TVC.
The original format by TVC in collaboration with Minoria Absoluta is broadcasted weekly on Mondays. Crackòvia emerged as a spin-off of the humorous programme from TVC named Polònia.
While Polònia is dedicated to political satire, Crackòvia parodies the sports news.
It first aired in 2008 and reached an audience share of over 35 points.
The programme consists of a series of sketches which parody sport personalities, especially football.


Release Date: 15/09/2008
Channel: Televisió de Catalunya

Title: Crackòvia
Direction: Toni Soler, Joan Rufas
Seasons: 9 (2008 – Actualidad)
Production: Minoria Absoluta, TV3

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Jordi Rios
Queco Novell
Ivan Labanda
Joan Rufas
Toni Albà
Agnès Busquets
Oriol Cruz
Fermí Fernández
David Fernández
Òscar Garcia
Javi Giménez
David Olivares
Oriol Vila
Alba Florejachs
Pep Plaza
Mireia Portas
Miquel Àngel Ripeu
Blai Rodríguez
Xavier Serrano
Max Marieges
David Verdaguer
(among others)