Què El Nou Musical


Five young minors with open cases with the justice enter a Values ​​Awareness Program while awaiting the judge’s final sentence. The person in charge of directing this program is Josep, the tutor, who is facing his first experience as the person in charge of a group of these characteristics. Young people combine social benefits with dynamics supervised by the tutor. Very soon, Josep will realize that the theory is very far from the practice and that the execution of the program is really difficult: tensions and fights, physical and verbal aggression, neglect of group dynamics, mistrust of authority, demotivation …Josep does not give up and after some failures, he finds the solution: to offer the power of self-management to young people. From this moment until the end, the young people will choose the activities they want to do. What, the nou musical is a show that talks about second chances.


Músic: Manu Guix
Lyrics: Álex Mañas
Company: MG Disc
Release: September 2008

Released on physical CD


Ivan Labanda
Mariona Castillo
Marc Pociello
Mariona Castillo
Carla Gaya
Roger Berruezo
Xavi Navarro
Ona Plà

Arion i el Dofí
Gaudí, el Musical de Barcelona