Nit de Nits


Four Christmas nights full of music, theater, dance and poetry. Each one of the specials tells what happens during a whole night, from when the sun goes down until it rises again, in the same magical space (an abandoned theater where a snowy forest has grown). The arrival of darkness makes space fill with magical creatures, as if it were a secret burrow, an open portal between the real world and the fantastic world. One of these creatures will be in charge of guiding the viewer and introducing them to the rest of the night’s characters. Under the direction of Lluís Danés, the actors José María Pou, Ivan Labanda, Peyu and Mago Lari will be the masters of ceremonies for each of the four programs that will also feature musical performances by Joan Dausà, Marina Rossell, Gemma Humet, Marc Parrot, Elena Gadel and Gertrudis, among others. Musicians Paula Valls, Cris Juanico, Beth, Sara Pi, Ju, Lídia Pujol, Joan Colomo, Ivette and the Raval Children’s Choir also participate in «Nit de nits».


Release Date: 01/01/2021
Channel: Televisió de Catalunya

Title: Nit de Nits
Direction: Lluís Danés
Seasons: 1
Production: Brutal Media

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Ivan Labanda
Josep Maria Pou
Mag Lari
Lídia Pujol

Labanda Sonora
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