Based on the successful TV series Bigman’s World, Leonart teaches children the most common aspects of science and art in a new way, perfectly combining the rigor of science with fun and entertainment.

Leonart is a new children’s programme with the collaboration of CSIC (The Spanish National Research Council) which aims to educate the youngest in the field of science and craftwork. The action takes place in an old abandoned factory turned into the main characters’ laboratory and workshop. The main character is Leo (Ivan Labanda), a young boy passionate about science that owns an android, Watson (Jordi Soriano). Donna Lisa (Marga Mintaka) is a modern woman who makes artwork. The counterpoint is Sofia Q Watson, the female voice of the central computer of the lab.


Release Date: 02/10/2006
Channel: Televisión Española

Title: Leonart
Direction: Miguel Mellado, Anna Cler, José Juan Ruíz
Seasons: 3 (2006 – 2008)
Production: Televisión Española


Ivan Labanda
Margalida Grimalt
Susanna Rubio
Jordi Soriano


Taiwan International TV & Films Festival 2006
· Best Public Television Programme

Premi Zapping 2006
· Best Public Television Programme

Premis TP de Oro 2006
· Nominee at the Best Public Television

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