Laberint d’Ombres


Two different worlds, two families from different social classes have happened to meet throughout the century in different circumstances. Some of these circumstances are known, others remain hidden in a drawer which must be opened sooner or later…


Release Date: 04/05/1998
Channel: Televisió de Catalunya

Title: Laberint d’ombres
Direction: Esteve Rovira
Seasons: 3 (1998 – 2000)
Productions: Televisió de Catalunya


Marc Cartes
Maribel Altés
Bruno Bergonzini
Paul Berrondo
Jordi Boixaderas
Marta Calvó
Montserrat Carulla
Imma Colomer
Marta Ferrandis
Isak Férriz
Montse Germán
David Janer
Ivan Labanda
Àurea Màrquez
Joan Massotkleiner
Àngels Moll
Carlota Olcina
Mercedes Sampietro
David Selvas
Lluís Soler
Pep Tosar
(among others)

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