La Bella Dorment


Based on the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty.
I dreamed that the world was a great sea where everything was possible. It is no longer a dream. I arrived in a country where anything can happen thanks to the magic that surrounds the stage.
Folktales are timeless and they do not talk to a specific audience of any age. That’s why we turned this story into a musical full of fantasy that takes us to an incredibly magical world.


Release Date: 20/12/2000
Site: Teatre Guasch de Barcelona

Title: La Bella Dorment
Direction: Marga Julià
Musical Direction: Xavier Mateu
Libreto: Marga Julià, Xavier Mateu
Music: VV.AA.
Choreography: Víctor Rodrigo
Set Design: Jesús Godoy
Costumes: Ces Martí
Production: Tamquam Espectacles


Daniel Claramunt
Eva Folch
Marga Julià
Ivan Labanda
Marta Agustí
Xavier Mateu

Casta Diva