Jet Lag


Sílvia, Carla and Esther share a flat on La Rambla. They work as flight attendants for an airline and spend all day up and down flying all over the planet. Esther is the only one that has a more or less stable relationship. Andreu is her boyfriend and is often at home. Diana is their neighbour. She lives in the apartment opposite them. Diana has no job neither she wants one; she is unemployed. She has recently become a widow because of a domestic accident which she does not want to be responsible for. Mariona is Esther’s little sister. After a few years living in Madrid and about to get married, she returns to Barcelona. Mariona has temporarily settled in her sister’s sofa. She now works at Mario’s bar, where they often meet. Jet Lag portrays the world of five thirty-year-old women from their daily life in a big city. An ironic and tender portrait of women and their feelings.


Release Date: 02/10/2001
Channel: Televisió de Catalunya

Title: Jet Lag
Direction: Jordi Frades, Sònia Sánchez
Seasons: 6 (2001 – 2006)
Production: Televisió de Catalunya

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Mamen Duch
Míriam Iscla
Xavi Mira
Marta Pérez
Carme Pla
Albert Ribalta
Àgata Roca
Ivan Labanda
(among others)

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