In early 1992, in a small and isolated village in the Pyrenees, near a lake believed to be inhabited by an evil spirit, the Ivern family experiences a terrible blow: Ángel, the father, driven to madness, murders his own family and takes his own life. While Clara, his second daughter, teeters between life and death, the eldest daughter, María, who inexplicably emerges unharmed, attempts to uncover the reasons that led her father to commit such a heinous crime. In her investigation, María discovers stories and people from her family’s past that she had never heard of before, particularly about an ancestor named Ángel Ivern, whom the townspeople considered to be the devil himself.


Date: 2022
Plataform: Available on Amazon’s Audibles

Título: Ivern
Author and Director: Sergi Belbel
Production: Diagonal TV


Jordi Boixaderas
Vicky Luengo
Maria Rodríguez
Ivan Labanda
Anna Barrachina
Maife Gil

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