Christmas Songs 4 New Times


Good music has always played in my house. I’ve grown up listening to the greats: Frank Sinatra, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor… My parents are musicians and they tell me that the first time they took me to one of their performances I was stunned.
It was Christmas 1998 and it was a Christmas standards concert.
The next thing I remember is dressing up in my father’s clothes playing with whatever was handy like a microphone. That concert marked everything that would come later. At that time, when I was 3 years old, I decided to dedicate myself to music.
Since then many things have changed. The dizzying passage of time is responsible for putting our feet on the ground. And I realize that I am not that child who dreamed of looking like his parents and singing like Sinatra or Bublé. But there is something that has become more important: the will to look like myself, to find my own voice.
That is why I have always had a special connection with Christmas. Because it reminds me of where I come from and where I’m going, and every year around this time I renew my commitment to that boy who still wears his father’s clothes to this day.
Christmas is like music. A space of time in which we enjoy bringing out the best version of ourselves. An opportunity to make each other feel better. And that is what I would like to achieve with this album: to make anyone who listens feel good.
Obviously this is not the best album in history. But for me it is a first step
Modest, but a step after all. An opportunity to start being the musician I want to become. The best tribute I can pay to my parents for taking me to that concert that Christmas of 1998.


Release Date: 10/12/2021
Site: Teatre Auditori de Girona

Title: Christmas Songs 4 New Times
Artistic direction and scirpt:Ivan Labanda
Musical Direction: Francesc Cassú
Production: Música Global and Crea Music


Joan Garrido


Francesc Cassú
Raül Gallego
Xavi Molina
Isidre Palmada
Esxter Shüts
Laura Casals
Núria Conangla
Marc Mas
Lluís Subiranas “Subi”
Ferran Guillamet

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