Winner of the Butaca Award for Best Musical Actor

Today I do not have enough space on this website to convey the infinite gratitude that I want to send you after receiving the Butaca Award for Best Musical Actor for Scaramouche. Thanks to the spectators to continue going to the theater and demonstrate, above all the difficulties with which we find ourselves, the love of culture. Thanks to Dagoll Dagom for becoming the evil Marquis de Scaramouche. Thanks to the team that made it possible and to make things so easy, thanks to Jesús Esperanza and Kike Inchausti for the magnificent lessons of struggle, fencing and life. And above all, my friend and companion Toni Vinyals, also nominated for Best Musical Actor, because this award is also yours.
Great night for Scaramouche! A total of 6 prizes of the 8 nominations won! Receiving the energy and the warmth of the spectators and of a large part of the profession that I respect and admire was an indelible event for me.
I am very happy and this has been an energy boost to continue working hard, to continue fighting for more theater, more culture and … Long live the Butaca Awards. It has already been 24 editions that fight to continue with this task of theatrical diffusion and, in spite of the adversities, they are still at the bottom of the canyon.