Willkommen Cabaret!

It’s official: Cabaret arrives in Barcelona!

Last Tuesday, May 23 we kicked off what will be one of my new professional projects in 2017. The legendary Broadway musical Cabaret will be installed in the Teatre Victòria de Barcelona after a tour of more than 30 Spanish cities and about 450 Representations in the last year and you can see me giving life to the Master of Ceremonies.

Jaime Azpilicueta, director of the work, who already had great desire to perform the show in Barcelona, ​​explained during the press conference that The version of Cabaret that can be seen in Barcelona recovers the original version of 1966 to reach the true origin of The story and the characters and try to make a fun show, leaving in the periphery the great tragedy that condemns the characters of the play.

I am very happy to be able to give life to the Master of Ceremonies and also can share this new experience with my great friend Elena Gadel, which I admire and love very much. She’s going to be a great Sally Bowles. And we are going to give it all to make this great Cabaret evolve, which has already been a success after city.

So I hope everyone, from September 15, at the Teatre Victòria de Barcelona to enjoy the mythical musical Cabaret! Tickets are now on sale and you can get yours right now by entering here: Cabaret Tickets