Watch Dogs 2 is a now on sale

For those who, like me, love to switch off by playing video games, pay attention because Watch Dogs 2 is already on sale. If you don’t, now is clearly a good time to enter the world of vice.

The arrival in the market of Watch Dogs 2 made me very happy, not only because it is a wonderful game which I enjoyed a lot and I recommend strongly, but because I had the opportunity to give voice to Marcus Holloway, the main character of the videogame.

Watch Dogs 2 has only been in the market for a week and got very good reviews, so if you want to have a good time or just want to see how I dubbed the character into Spanish, you can now buy the game entering the following website:

It was a pleasure to start my experience dubbing videogames with Marcus, so I can only be grateful for the good feedback received!